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500 W 39th St, Grove, OK 74344
Building is located at the end of 39th Street and to the right, about 1/4 mile after you turn off of Highway 59.

From I-44: Take Exit 302 toward US-59, US-60. Keep right onto US-59 South. Turn left onto US-59, stay on US-59 for 12 miles. Turn right onto 39th St (Road is just before the blue building store called "Bargain Center". Drive 1/4 mile down 39th St - the Legacy building is on the right at the end.

From Highway 60:Turn left onto South Highway 10 (if you drive into Wyandotte, OK you have gone too far). Drive 15 miles until you come at a T - turn right onto E 290 Rd. Go straight through Grove downtown stop light (2nd stop light you will come across after turning right on 290 Rd). From stoplight, drive 1.8 miles. You are close when you see "Tractor Supply" on the right side. Just after the blue building store called "Bargain Center" on the left, 39th street is located there. Turn down 39th St, and drive 1/4 mile to the end where the Legacy Building is on the right side.