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Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My Word shall remain forever." - Matthew 24:35

A vision, a dream, a legacy...

In the city of Shellnob, Missouri, 1975, a man named Jim Wakeland and his wife, Janice, experienced salvation through Jesus Christ. An experience that forever changed their lives soon led them into a lifelong journey of ministry, family, and devotion to the living Word. It was many years later, in the growing town of Grove, Oklahoma where the birth of the Legacy came to be.

The pastors came to raise 3 children, a daughter and two sons along with a devout circle of friends who became their church congregation. The above scripture was undoubtedly the foundation upon which he built his ministry and equally the bit of biblical truth he was most known for quoting. Since 1979, he preached in a handful of cities and buildings until 1995 when they broke ground on a small piece of land in Grove, Oklahoma and named it the New Life Family Worship Center. The church was designed and built by various friends and family, including their son-in-law at the time, Randy Threet. Pastor Jim and Janice served the congregation at NLFWC faithfully with much love and care until his untimely death in 2009. Construction for repurposing the church began in 2019 by a pair of the same hands who built her in 1995. Randy, a well-known, skillful craftsman, and entrepreneur gained ownership of the property and launched the transformation of the family's once beloved church into a refined vision of sophistication and charm.

Randy has spent more than 35 years in the construction business, polishing and perfecting his craft. Remodeling and aesthetic woodworking have been his forte since the early 90's, so it came as no surprise to the community when he decided to put his artistic skills to work, creating a permanent haven for fun, celebration, and entertainment. The Legacy is a piece of Grove's unique history handed down from father to son-in-law, and in the future will be passed to Randy's 6 children to be cherished and enjoyed through the ages. Posh, yet accessible; it is a gift to the community and all who choose to celebrate with us through life's most wonderful and precious moments. Come explore the newly refurbished hidden jewel of Grove.

Seated atop a hill in a picturesque 7-acre meadow lies the Legacy Event Center; 10,000 square feet of endless possibilities for all occasions from exquisite, high-class weddings to quaint family reunions and everything in between. Upon entering the foyer, prepare to be dazzled with illumination from crystal chandeliers and rich, handsome woodwork crafted by our very own Kacey Threet. Space for entertainment is not in short supply here, not at all. Double doors made of high-quality walnut, split with deep, mesmerizing epoxy inlay open to a magnificent 4000 square foot ballroom with stage and dual staircases, leading to an open second floor loft, complete with disco ball and an enchanting display of the starry sky. With all your needs in mind, The Legacy offers a spectacularly lit bridal suite with six individual vanity spaces, wedding gown display, and sitting area; a comfortable groom's lounge furnished with a beautiful wooden corner bar and 60" flatscreen TV; and a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, flat-top stove, and ample counterspace capable of accommodating professional catering services. Whether grand or modest, many or few, The Legacy welcomes you and your guests as family.

****The Legacy event center and the Threet family have been abundantly blessed with many friends and colleagues who graciously volunteered and contracted their time, effort, and talents to bring this dream into fruition. We offer many thanks to all involved and wish to extend credit as this was very much a team effort. Our genuine gratitude could never be fully expressed.